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just in the committing if you crash that might break your miracle or even kill you because approach is known for her home and is easier to dump her on al-jazeera of. her head. for her. handcuffed and shackled the main suspects in the new zealand shootings remain silent in court as charged with murder. lynne malcolm and tobago pollen you're watching our desert live from doha also coming up new zealand is united in grief and we are united and free. offering sympathy support and reassurance new zealand's prime minister meets muslims in mourning. today what. i
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don't really think it's a small group of people but a very very serious problem by just president trump downplays any threat from white nationalism following the new zealand attack. and we'll have details of tropical cyclone you die as a batters mozambique at least nineteen people are killed in the city of paris qatar . new zealand and morning following mass shootings at two mosques in christ church forty nine people were killed more than forty others are in hospital with some and critical condition the main suspect has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tyrant's didn't enter a plea nor seek bail he'll be back in court early next month police have searched his home and the nearby town of the needed two home
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a bond bombs were found earlier in his car and nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution new zealand prime minister just into our journey has promised to introduce tougher gun laws in the wake of the attack. and i dern has also been meeting leaders of new zealand's muslim community she offered her condolences and assured them of support from the government. that i have. no freedom to. thank like the freedom to express your. religion well people in christ church have been gathering to pay tribute tribute to those who died in friday's attacks survivors have been telling their stories of how they escaped the gunman under thomas has this report after the violent frenzy the flowers all day on saturday people came to lay them in tribute to the dead and then stand whisper and weep among those gathered with survivors
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and their stories. head started his. three four minutes. when you heard the shots. noises coming near so then i decided to. jump in my wife tried to support. this different sister linda and when she tried to talk like that. one of coming you know. it's my wife it's injured here and so i wanted to go to linda and linda it's like one of my friends from india. was in iran he was. on his shoulder so i was holding him. through the window and showed him. he was.
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when he finished he left of the. friday's attacks were targeted at migrants and muslims but their impact has been to unite all new zealanders in horror and sadness some echoed the prime minister's call for urgent action on guns i think we should been all guns in new zone danny people today have guns is a place in the armed forces to receive be old and it does made of a thing in ghana or. words. to haines on all guns why they should be obeying those who came to pay tribute saw the police working nearby they saw the hearses two arriving and leaving regularly collecting bodies from the al nor mosque this tribute has grown steadily over the course of saturday hundreds of
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people have been down here to stand in quiet contemplation there are of course very serious questions still to be answered but there's also grief down to express anger thomas al-jazeera postures and manes when he joins me now live from christchurch so when we're starting to hear from some of the families and friends of those who were in the last year in the attack what's being said. yes well officially none of the victims have been named yes there was one name mentioned in court early onset of the morning the judge has suppressed the name of that victim but certainly some of the family members beginning to speak out now in the new zealand media about their loved ones who were inside the two mosques at the time and spoken about their final moments if indeed they were witness for example the sons of a seventy one year old band speaking about he he is believed to have tried to
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shelter or provide shelter for other people inside the el nor mosque to prevent them from being attacked in the process he was killed a seventy one year old originally from afghanistan a man who was very active in the refugee community here in christchurch in fact is said to often have often gone to christchurch airport to welcome new arrivals into into this city not just from afghanistan but from other areas as well we're also hearing from the family members of a new zealand sporting representative a thirty three year old originally from kuwait who represented new zealand in this province of canterbury in the sport of football who is believed to have also been killed inside the mosque the police cordon is just a few meters from me here now it has moved slightly closer to wards the nor mosque which is another couple of hundred meters down this road which is still very much
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an active crime scene and throughout the course of saturday as andrew mentioned it's been a case of the police continuing that forensic work in and around that mosque and the lynwood mosque as well and while that has been happening some of the bodies have been taken out of that area and been returned to their family members so the funeral and burial arrangements can begin as quickly as possible and that is something that news the new zealand prime minister. just endured and spoke about as well she says she said that she hoped that all the bodies would be removed from the two mosques baez said today evening well it's just gone midnight now on saturday so we believe that most of that work has now been completed if not all of it when you zealand was always seen as a very safe country and now as people come to terms with this attack is there a sense that things will have to change there particularly with security in the country. well i think that's inevitable in the
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short term you're right there was a certain amount of innocence i guess you could say with new zealand it felt certainly very isolated from the rest of the world when it came to events like this happening even in neighboring australia certainly much further afield in the united states in europe and other places but this will certainly shake this country has certainly shaken the city of christchurch and more broadly people right around the country the new zealand prime minister just endured and again speaking on saturday talking about the gun laws for a start that she said will change they will amend the gun laws to make it more difficult for people to get their hands on the types of weapons that this person is alleged to have used in the two attacks on saturday semi automatic weapons which legal in new zealand if you have the right sort of permits which it appears he did have so that is certainly something that she would like to change and also the
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modification of some of these weapons to make them certainly more dangerous more available if you like for people like this to use in situations so certainly i think we'll see some changes along those lines the new zealand prime minister certainly seems determined to make those changes i was just gone past midnight in christchurch there when he lived for us thank you very much. home has more from the australian city of grafton that's where the suspect brenton tarrance and his childhood. this is a community in shock tarrant spent the first twenty years of his life in grafton it's a sleepy regional town in country new south wales and we spoke with the arch dane of the anglican church here and he said that. the community can't believe that one of their own could be involved in an attack like this distressed parishioners have been calling in all day on saturday asking what it is they can do about the attack
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the we also spoke with the deputy mayor and he says that this community is one that has fallen on hard times recently economically with the loss of industry and now has to contend with the fact that is going to be associated with the attack in christchurch on sunday there will be a number of church services where the community will come together will be a lot of soul searching but also a show of support for the victims in christchurch prime minister just and our journey has received messages of condolences from many parts of the world including us president trump i spoke with donald trump this morning he sought to costa rica he very much wish for his condolences to be passed on to new zealand he asked for support the united states could spread wide my message was sympathy and love for all muslim communities but president trump played down
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the threat posed by white supremacists i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's a case i don't know enough about it yet they're just learning about the person and the people involved but it's certainly a terrible thing terrible thing. in other news after killing at least nineteen people in mozambique tropical cyclone to die continues to push into southeastern africa although it is losing intensity thousands of people have been affected by the storm that has cut off power and cause major damage is to bridge bridges and roads some half a million people in this city of there i have been isolated it dies also now affecting parts of eastern zimbabwe where at least one hundred people are missing you know to feel but. i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking here the situation is very chaotic. they seem to move in they said it was majority of houses ninety five
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percent that collapsed was precariously built poor materials. louison sick as the germans are the portuguese news agency loose and he outlines the challenges facing the relief effort. today openly they will get to the places where help is needed but mainly in the almost the poorest neighborhoods around the city where. we. made most of this nine hundred people killed a number which is likely to grow in the next hours as elk gets you know and clears the base which are scattered all around the cycle and it is now over zimbabwe and. focus points too big to be dissipating in the next few hours the problem is that the weavers.
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likely to flood all. all the areas and this will cause even more damage to all these families which ever lost their houses and now they risk losing their artists and food insecurity is the next big risk in all over this area this central area of. u.s. president on tram passed for the first time vetoed a decision by congress transcripts an attempt to block his emergency declaration to secure funds for his long promised one against the us mexico border the democratic speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi says a new vote would be aimed at overriding the president's veto but it's not clear if the new vote will get the two thirds majority needed to permanently block trump's emergency declaration. plenty more still ahead and al-jazeera albania as
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opposition leaves parliament and takes the fight against corruption to the streets . and months before presidential elections and argentina economic woes take center stage. the weather set fire across the good parts of north asia dried out for to pagal the sarah clout pulling out into the northwest pacific by discuss coming in behind here's a little area of low pressure to discrete areas of low pressure there easing out of the white broad skies will come in behind want to show is just around that western side of clothes she was we go through sunday but by monday it clear it brightens up when we see temperatures could be up to around thirteen celsius in tokyo we did double figures to across the korean peninsula beijing on the other hand well
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a cloudy here twenty two celsius that cloud it does drift it's way down into eastern parts of china basin pieces of cloud and right here for a time now that's making its way in from central areas i will just push further east was sensible rather wet weather as we come down into central parts of the country but the hong kong cave is fine and dry temperatures at around twenty six celsius in the sunshine in the sunshine instead across a good part of the philippines want to show us around the eastern side of the country over the next couple of days but the west the weather for southeast asia where it's going to be down across indonesia will very lively showers coming through here southern also will see some showers here pushing up towards thailand this last a fine and dry. the government you support i believe to detain maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china on
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the inner workings of the people's republic just probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because you are abrasive aggressive way of addressing your main to your son challenges chinese finance yet you wrote something critical of president. this would not be regarded by the western press. head to head on al-jazeera. watching our desire and his top stories the gunmen arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tired and . forty nine people died in shootings at two mosques in christchurch on friday.
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and a makeshift memorial has been set up in the city to pay tribute to the victims messages of condolences and condemnation are coming in from around the world. prime minister just has met the muslim community leaders in christchurch to offer sympathy support and reassurance she's promising tougher gun laws after the merge the suspect had legally obtained five guns including automatic weapons. now opponents of albania's government are holding their latest rally against what they call a corrupt political system as john psaropoulos reports on the capital tirana the opposition is calling for a snap election the resignation of prime minister eddie rama and for drug traffickers to stop controlling the government. is political future growth is the question on people's minds as the political process moves into uncharted waters last month the opposition democratic party quit
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parliament and took to the streets saturday's protest is the latest event in a new political strategy that has left the country with an incomplete parliament the european union says the boycott undermines democracy the opposition says democracy is already a sham because the government has allowed money from the drug trade to control it or it is huge amounts of money they have been able to penetrate the economy and of course they have bought elections they have bought judges and prosecutors the police oppositions in the country. they have made it possible for members of organized crime to become members of parliament and mayors state captured by organized crime. has led to an erosion of democracy the democratic party is ramping up pressure on the government ahead of local elections in june and more importantly a key decision by the european union the big question for albania is whether it'll
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be allowed to open membership talks with the european union in june that is its only realistic chance of raising its standard of living at the moment some fifty thousand young people are still leaving the country each year to find work abroad they join the ranks of albania is already large overseas community which sends home one and a quarter billion dollars a year that is ten percent of the economy. but the e.u. is unlikely to open talks with a country that doesn't have a functioning justice system its top courts have been closed for a year as corrupt judges a rooted out some twenty three thousand cases have piled up many of them against decisions of the ruling socialist party so what was unexpected for us was to see that members of the constitutional court did not pass the vetting process as they were a fall off not justifying their worth or some of the
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judges that did not pass or prosecutors that did not pass the vetting were found to have connections with. criminal organization the socialists say the courts will open again in may but that may be too late to restore transparency and political stability. john psaropoulos joins us live from the capital tehran as such on the opposition have walked out of parliament they're refusing dialogue so what do they think the best way to effect change as by holding these kind of protests on the streets what are they saying. because the opposition says that the political system is broken because what the socialist party has been effective in their words is state capture it's not it's to permeate the state machinery that you do cherie and also the economy with its own people which it says are corrupt because the state because the socialist party has been funded by drug
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money and it is simply a system of internal favors to its own people whether they are politicians or business people simply employees of the public and private sectors now the opposition would like to see a public prosecutor go after the people it believes are corrupt politicians the government has appointed a public prosecutor with whom the part of the opposition does not agree they do not trust in him so they say they want a dram a to resign and for a national election to be held after the summer at that point they would like to complete the judicial reform which has been underway here for two years you know when a drama was reelected in twenty seventeen judicial reform was again the main problem with this country a lot of judges were known to be corrupt even in the supreme court and the constitutional court and one of the main plex of his platform then was that he
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would complete the stooges the reform but it hasn't been completed in these past two years but this is his party says it now will be. because in june the european council will decide whether to invite helping you to open membership talks in the here and the socialist party wants to make sure it doesn't miss that deadline. completing the judicial reform providing the country with functioning top courts is a crucial part of its ability to open its membership to the democratic party says we're not going to play the government's game we're not just going to stay in poland and watch the socialist pursy do things barely within in order to start a session to achieve a new we want a clean slate the fresh college the new public prosecutor and we want to be part of the process of this judicial reform. john psaropoulos at the government at the corruption protests for us thank you. french police have fired tear gas at yellow
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vests protesters in the capital paris it's the eighteenth weekend of demonstrations against president of money on protests began over a proposed increase in tax on diesel which has since been scrapped but the rallies have grown into a wider anti-government movement. idea an airline says d.n.a. testing of the remains of the passengers in last sunday's crash may take up to six months one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew on the flight which came down in a field outside the capital alongside efforts to identify the bodies investigators in paris have begun examining the plane's black box recorders dozens of buildings are being demolished in nigeria's largest city because safety inspectors fear they're about to fall down on the latest crackdown in the commercial capital lagos follows the death of twenty people many of them children when a school collapsed homeowners who are being evicted by the demolition say they're
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being unfairly targeted amid interests has this report. brick by brick. workers start dismantling old buildings in central a cost dozens marked for demolition the narrow alleys here mean heavy machines can't get access. so the work is carried out mentality through government since the buildings i dangerous we've done stability tests on about just funny that you've been. down this talk to. forty years old sometimes with psychopaths all of course you know because of the dead weight of the produce that mubarak up assets in my not be able to sustain this function and they must come back. and drew residents say they want given enough notice they accuse officials of using them to set an example after the recent tragedy where
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more than a dozen schoolchildren right killed with their school building collapsed. to . a lady. for many residents it's too late to salvage anything. government officials say many buildings on this narrow streets are in dangerous condition which is why they are being pulled down but critics say official corruption is a reason why such buildings were allowed to be built in the first place shoddy construction work is blamed for killing nearly two hundred people here in lagos state alone why the past six years. the city is growing fast there is an insatiable demand for homes and businesses experts want the government to enforce building regulations on specific areas it will be links primarily to.
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misuse of structural. all regulated extensions of buildings. faulty. construction. materials. so they're quite a lot of it's a complex thing the numbers develop. without professionals without proper professional advice and he wrote it so that's primary experts are warning that unless the informant of building coaches start up an unsafe buildings are pulled down quickly more lives could be lost sooner rather than later. al-jazeera lagos afghan special forces have been sent to help hundreds of soldiers besieged by taliban fighters around seven hundred troops are surrounded in bag this province on the border where
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turkmenistan they took refuge after the taliban overran a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan forces have been battling the taliban in that region for nearly two weeks and thirty soldiers have been killed and up to forty taken us hostage rising prices higher inflation increasing poverty growing unemployment they're all major concerns an argentine or six who are cuts in government benefits are the most vulnerable the latest outcry about the state of the economy has brought traffic in the cities to a halt. has the story from. across argentina tens of thousands of people took their anger and frustration to the streets in a day of protest against cuts to benefits. they blocked access roads and here in one of cyrus demonstrated outside supermarkets the protests come in the midst of rising prices and continued job losses and it's very very bad. move
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people at the soup kitchens. the money doesn't buy anything does not enough to eat industrial production is down unemployment and poverty levels are all. they were this time last year and all the major car plants this is spending workers. inflation continues more than thirty percent a year. was against the us dollar many analysts say president policy is a not working clearly the opening up of the economy the deregulation the opening up to speculative capital flows everything that market has done has only sunk the economy into the pits and so that has to be reversed we need some level of promotion of local production employment wage growth consumption. there is some good news exports especially agricultural products
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a vibrant and the banking sector is driving but those on the street say they're not seeing the benefits. from the moment mockery came to power we've had something similar to the rest of latin america with their new liberal governments giving priority to their business friends while totally destroying the national economy not to mention the people who hold this country up but are living in poverty the international monetary fund last year granted argentina a fifty seven billion dollar loan its biggest ever means the government is now subject to i.m.f. rules that are austerity measures and increases in fuel and public transport thing as we. government spokesman to explain the situation but no one was available to loan from the international monetary fund alleviating argentina's economic problems but only in the short life for many people here continues to be fraught with daily difficult and demonstrations such as this one i'd like to get. from what. it's still to be confirmed but their choice in october selections is likely to be
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between mercury and the woman he replaced four years ago kristie the film and. between what many chinese don't like now what they didn't much like before. one of cyrus. they're watching our desire and these are main stories the gunmen are arrested after new zealand's mosque attack has been charged with murder the twenty eight year old brendan tarrant didn't enter a plea or seek bail of forty nine people died in the shootings at two mosques in christchurch on friday a makeshift memorials been set up in the city to pay tribute to the victims and messages of condolences and condemnation are coming in from across the world the prime minister just and has met muslim community leaders in christchurch to offer sympathy support and reassurance she's promising tougher gun laws after it emerged
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the suspect had legally obtained five guns including automatic weapons the. right. one. more freedom. great freedom truth truth. in religion. now after killing at least one thousand people in mozambique tropical cyclone it continues to push south into southeastern africa although it's losing intensity thousands of people have been affected by the storm which has cut off power and caused major damage to roads some half a million people in the city of bear i've also been isolated it is now also affecting eastern parts of zimbabwe. afghan special forces have been sent to help hundreds of soldiers besieged by taliban fighters and seven hundred troops are surrounded in bag this province on the border with turkey menaced on they took refuge after the taliban overran over
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a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan forces have been battling the taliban in the region for nearly two weeks now u.s. president donald trump passed for the first time vetoed a decision by congress skrabets an attempt to block this emergency declaration to secure funds for his long promised to roll along the u.s. banks with border it is not clear if a new congressional vote will get the two thirds majority needed to permanently block. a marriage and see exactly aeration. french police have fired tear gas at yellow voiced protesters in the capital paris it's the eighteenth weekend of demonstrations against president emmanuel that the protests began over a proposed increase in tax on diesel which isn't been scrapped. stay with us now for inside story that's next.
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britain's m.p.'s vote for an extension from the european union the prime minister remains determined to get her deal through parliament how will you lead us respond and where does the braggs of process go from here this is inside story. how long welcome to the program has i'm seeking back my deal all risk losing drags it all together that is what british prime minister theresa may is telling m.p.'s with just two weeks to go until the shed you leave date on march twenty ninth m.p.'s.


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